What BSI is all about

  • Solid, go-getters that are driven by serving clients, have a passion for technology, and love to find creative solutions to solve tough problems
  • Smart, agile, and self-motivated people that can take an assignment head-on and run with it
  • A disciplined “get it done” work ethic that will allow you to work productively in a variety of environments – whether at the Bursting Silver office, a client’s office, at your home office… or Starbucks
  • Though we may not always be at the same place or working on the same project at the same time – we’re always connected and communicating with one another to support each other, we leverage technology to the max
  • Strong communicators with friendly and helping personalities
  • You care about your clients, your team, and your community

Thanks for checking in!

Given the COVID-19 crisis, BSI has chosen to freeze any planned hiring for the next several months. This decision has been made to protect the livelihood/employment of our existing and loyal team members. Once this is all over, we absolutely plan on continuing to grow and provide some great opportunities for people interested in joining our firm.
Stay in touch, and more importantly, stay healthy!

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