Introducing SecureScan for iMIS, a cutting-edge tool engineered to enhance the security settings of your iMIS system. SecureScan for iMIS will help fortify your system against potential threats and protect your confidential data from being exposed online. By analysing thousands of settings within your system, SecureScan for iMIS can pinpoint potential vulnerabilities and provide concrete recommendations for securing your environment.

Key Features & Benefits

Unmatched Data Protection Insights: SecureScan for iMIS offers unparalleled insight into your iMIS configuration, helping you understand how your system is set up and where potential risks lie.

Consolidated Overview of User Access: With SecureScan for iMIS you will gain a systematic overview of user access to key data elements, enabling you to better manage user privilege settings to sensitive information.

Comprehensive iMIS API Security Analysis: Our tool conducts a thorough review of thousands of web pages, configurations, security settings, and restrictions. It provides specific recommendations to enhance the security of your iMIS installation and REST API, strengthen your compliance and data safeguarding needs.

We will also provide you with a list of additional data protection measures you can implement to help ensure you’re following best practices for data protection.

How SecureScan for iMIS Works

  1. Run the Scan: We will run SecureScan for iMIS on your system. Our tool quickly and effectively reviews thousands of data elements and configuration settings within your instance and identifies areas of potential risk.
  2. Review and Identify: SecureScan for iMIS provides a comprehensive report detailing potential vulnerabilities in your system. This empowers you with the knowledge to mitigate potential threats before they become problematic.
  3. Repair and Enhance: Based on the recommendations provided by SecureScan for iMIS, you will now have the ability to take action to update your environment.

By following these steps provided, you improve the overall security of your system, helping to keep your data safeguarded.

All this for a low one-time fee.

With SecureScan for iMIS you can enhance your system security, safeguard your data, and gain peace of mind knowing your information is protected.

Step into a more secure future with SecureScan for iMIS, your partner in compliance and data protection.