As many systems are upgrading from iMIS 2017 to iMIS EMS, it is essential to ensure all existing components are compatible with the new upgraded system, and this includes all Sonic Forms. Having to manually rebuild each form in iMIS Forms would be a long, tedious and costly process, so Bursting Silver has created the iMIS Forms Conversion Tool to save you time, money and frustration.


How it Works

  • connects to your iMIS 2017 instance through the Rest API
  • retrieves and converts the existing Sonic Form, including all HTML, to an advanced iMIS Form
  • produces an XML export file to be used to import to the iMIS EMS instance when ready

Once the process is complete, the Sonic Forms iPart will need to be removed from any RiSE pages where it previously resided and replaced with the iMIS Forms iPart and the new iMIS Form needs to be selected for each page.

Any stored procedures used on the Sonic Forms will be identified to ensure they are replaced with Webhooks. For clients who have added JavaScript validations, updates may be required to optimize functionality on iMIS EMS. We can work with you to identify where any JavaScript validation will need to be revamped and reapplied. Depending on the complexity and volume of your existing Sonic Forms, you can expect the iMIS Forms Conversion Tool to cut your transition time down from 2-5 hours per form to 0.5-1 hour per form.

Our Sonic Forms Conversion Tool for iMIScan help your organization to focus on the exciting new capabilities of your upgraded EMS system, and concentrate less on the necessary, but less attractive minute details and changes.