Document Valet allows you to store documents associated with members and processes in a cloud-based document system. It has rich user interface for staff, members and the public, and has rich features such as document tagging and document permissions. 

Document Valet is an elegant iMIS add-on component designed to securely store member documents in either an external or internal repositories. Documents are managed through a lightweight Angular iPart which can be deployed on iMIS 2017 or iMIS Cloud providing you benefits today and tomorrow!

External Repository Support

Documents are important but they take up a lot of space. Document Manager 2.0 supports multiple external repositories including Sharepoint, Azure and others allowing you to offload the burden of storage and management of your important documents.

Every document is cross referenced to your iMIS data and accessible from anywhere in RiSE.

How it works

  1. Create a Document Repository in your favourite storage solution.
  2. Add a document reference field to iMIS.
  3. Deploy and configure the included iPart.


Document Valet works with both Sonic Forms and Form Builder to allow you to enforce your document submission policies.

If you are like most people, your critical documents may be stored in multiple locations both inside and outside of iMIS. Visual Antidote’s talented team can create custom migration services that will efficiently move your legacy document libraries to the repository of your choice while accurately cross-referencing them to the correct iMIS account(s) and processes