iMIS for CPA Societies

iMIS for CPA Societies

We have developed a proprietary methodology to implement our solution specifically for CPA Societies, ensuring a seamless, on-time, and on-budget deployment. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of CPA Societies, combining expert project management with comprehensive training and support. This methodology guarantees a smooth transition, minimizing disruption and maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your new iMIS system.

Core Platform 

  • Maximize member engagement with built in business intelligence to realize sustained growth without dependance on custom development and systemic upgrades. 
  • Fully online and secure, 360-degree view of your constituents to manage relationships and deliver exceptional service and support.  
  • A member-centric interface that empowers individuals to control their interactions at any time on any device. 
  • Integrate seamlessly with thousands of popular apps used by your organizations. 

Continuing Professional Education 

  • Manage calendars for live/on-demand CPE programs, conferences, and webinars with ease. 
  • CPE submissions, inquiries, acceptance and credit issuance can be automated providing members with immediate access to renewed certifications. 
  • Quickly generate completion certificates from registration and confirmed attendance lists. 


  • Tailor participant eligibility based on profile data and provide registration access on mobile and online.  
  • Configurable dashboards which provide real-time insight into registrations, participant inquiries, and accessibility & dietary accommodations. 
  • Manage your presenters, sponsors, vendors, and registrants in one central location. 
  • Flexible registration options include on-behalf, multi-ticket, promotion and pay later, and more. 

Communication & Process Automation 

  • Manage automated mass communications, campaigns and member renewal reminders. 
  • Launch advanced email campaigns with real-time open and click-through feedback. 
  • Empower members to connect, communicate and collaborate within online community boards and committee portals. 
  • Automate member portal notifications utilizing wizard functionality for new member registration and renewals. 

Professional Tools & Reporting 

  • Streamline member renewals with smart forms and a configurable progress tracker. 
  • Empower staff to build complex queries with a user-friendly—no SQL—tool, providing real-time searchable and sortable results. 
  • Improve staff proficiencies with a member-compliant dashboard and role-specific form review queues. 
  • Click-through dashboards provide drill down details with real time results. 

Accounting & Integrated Payment Processing 

  • Core financial management providing billing, payment and accounts receivable functions within the core iMIS platform. 
  • Exceptional functionality in key areas such as dues management, event registrations, and product sales. 
  • Automated billing functions ensure accurate invoice details, easy month-end closings, and management of member billing categories. 
  • Payments of all tender types (credit, debit, ACH, etc.) are processed directly in iMIS, eliminating the need for manual reconciliation. 

Proven & Security Technology

  • Developed with Microsoft Technologies
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • GDPR & PCI Compliant
  • Automatic Updates Included

CPA Case Study

CPA Manitoba required an AMS which could streamline their operations. BSI’s CPA team delivered an innovative solution exceeding Manitoba’s needs, while also scaling across Canadian CPA partners. Simultaneously, Nova Scotia’s aging iMIS required upgrading, in which we integrated Nova Scotia’s requirements into Manitoba’s application for a unified solution.

BSI then closely partnered with each CPA provincial body to adapt and reconfigure the Manitoba solution to align with the unique regional requirements and regulatory frameworks of each jurisdiction. This tailored approach ensured the specific needs of each province were met, providing a unified yet customized solution catering to the diverse needs across the CPA landscape

The CPA Team

Our dedicated CPA team possesses extensive experience collaborating with multiple Chartered Professional Accountant societies. We specialize in implementing new iMIS systems and creating tailored solutions by leveraging our proprietary CPA Solution Pack for iMIS. This specialized experience and deep knowledge empower our partners with substantial advantages. We enhance functionality, integrate advanced features, and adhere to best practices, allowing us to proactively identify and address potential issues before they arise. The CPA team is comprised of a Team Lead, Project Manager, Advisor, and Senior Business and Technical Consultants. Each project is also overseen by a Senior Architect, ensuring a structured approach with multiple levels of oversight and expertise.