Case Management for iMIS is designed to track:

  • Cases
  • Investigations
  • Grievances
  • Complaints
  • Support Requests

With Case Management for iMIS, individual cases are captured via member facing submission forms, or within the iMIS staff site, and from there move through a defined workflow with configurable multi-step tasks and deadlines. Where required, third-party reviewers can be given access to relevant materials during the process.

Manage Individual Cases

Each case has its own dashboard detailing all aspects of the case and related activity including member, complainant and investigator data, all tasks and activities relating to the case, documents, notes and emails.

Tasks and activities are configured for each case type and prepopulate when a new case is created. Tasks are grouped into three main categories: open, investigate and process.

Email Integration

Case Management integrates with iMIS communication templates to send out case specific emails with dynamically populated case data. Emails are sent directly from the Case Detail page or automatically using process automation.