iMIS 2020 and iMIS Cloud Transition

By James Harrison on Monday, January 18, 2021

The process of upgrading to iMIS Cloud includes the preparatory step of upgrading to iMIS 2020, on a server hosted with ASI. This article reviews the separate stages of moving from self hosted (iMIS 2017) to iMIS Cloud.

iMIS 2020

This version of iMIS is meant as an intermediary between iMIS 2017 self hosted and iMIS Cloud. It allows clients to upgrade their iMIS instance to a similar version of iMIS to iMIS Cloud, but stay on their own separate server (hosted by ASI). This version should be used as a stepping stone to iMIS Cloud and will allow a client to continue to use their custom components, stored procedures and other “non cloud friendly” pieces while upgrading the latest version.

While on this version clients should be replacing their non cloud compatible components with cloud friendly ones in preparation for moving to iMIS Cloud.

Requirements for iMIS 2020:

  • Clients must be on iMIS Version 2017
  • Clients must convert from traditional to subscription license
  • All custom Crystal reports must be removed ( and converted to IQA or SSRS)
  • Website templates must be converted to cloud compatible templates built with iMIS RiSE Theme Builder
  • All pricing for active events must be converted from Registrant class to Group Pricing

iMIS Cloud

This version of iMIS allows the client to always be on the latest version of iMIS and not have to worry about upgrades or hosting. This version also does not allow direct access to the database, and all customizations must be client side using the REST API.

Requirements for iMIS Cloud:

  • Clients must be on iMIS 2020, hosted with ASI
  • All custom database objects must be removed from database
  • Server Side iParts must be replaced with client side REST API iParts
  • Website templates must be converted to cloud compatible templates built with iMIS RiSE Theme Builder

Below is a chart showing the different components of the iMIS 2017 system that are compatible with iMIS 2020 and iMIS Cloud:

iMIS 2020 / iMIS Cloud Audit

We are offering clients a iMIS Cloud Audit package that will allow them to get a clear picture of what changes they will need to make with their iMIS system in order to upgrade to iMIS 2020 and then to iMIS Cloud. This is a small 10-15 hour consulting engagement where we will  both run the ASI tools and analyze your system files to create a detailed report of the changes  your system will require.

Sample Cloud Audit

Click here to download a sample Cloud Audit PDF.

If you are interested in an iMIS Cloud Audit please contact us at [email protected].