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WeRise Union Software

WeRise Union Software enables unions to efficiently administer all aspects of their membership and provides a platform for organizers to rally union members through one single platform.
WeRise Union Software solution is complemented by our WeRise Union Technology Solutions advisory services to ensure unions are well-supported in their technology modernization lifecycle – from technology strategy, implementation through to operations.
Reliable membership management information and strong financial controls provide a powerful foundation.
Engage with members through consistent and clear communication mechanisms.
Enable organizers to map formal or informal organizing structures and measure coverage and progress toward goals.



Long term success is built on seeing the big picture, and that is what we continue to strive to do with WeRise.
Changing legacy membership systems can be difficult so it is important to find a system that will grow with a union over the long term.
The WeRise Union Software is entirely cloud based with security, accessibility and scalability already built in. The solution has been architected to provide a cohesive software solution across all locals, while keeping local data segregated and secure.
Our Dashboards & Analytics capabilities utilize ready-to-use dashboards or tap into state of the art BI tools to create and track your own metrics.
With a powerful platform as a foundation, WeRise is multifaceted solution with the member information in its core. Clients can use the out of the box capabilities of the system as they are released and participate in product development plans through feedback or take a more direct role in specific engagements to expand the system to meet goals. Through continued improvement WeRise.

100% Cloud-based

Built-in Security

Experienced industry specific consulting services


Dashboards & Analytics

On-going support


100% Cloud-based
Built-in Security
Dashboards and Analytics
Experienced industry-specific consulting services
On-going support


Membership Management

Accurate and uniform member data is a cornerstone of understanding union membership and providing services. WeRise will enable you to consistently gather and maintain information about your membership to better serve your members.

Employer Management

Capture key employer data and map the relationships between employers and members to ensure consistent administration and CBA compliance.


Ensure accurate and timely dues billing whether by simple or complex dues calculation. Determine dues by employment or across an entire local. Track the billing process and easily see processing gaps or missed deadlines.

Checkoff Processing

Administer exception-based comparisons to employer deductions to ensure accuracy and easily flag employer or member follow up actions. Accept and process member dues payments and distribute employer dues deduction payments accurately with a clear audit trail.

Information Update

Update a variety of membership information types on mass or through an accept/reject decision making interface. See a history of employer list submissions, processing progress and outstanding work.


Engage with membership through multiple mechanisms. Create static or dynamic lists based on employment, demographic, and geographic information, assign coverage and SMS /email communications.

WeRise Union Software Tutorials

Get more in-depth understanding of the various features within the WeRise union software, all-in-one platform for unions.

WeRise Union Software Tutorials

Get more in-depth understanding of the various features within the WeRise union software, all-in-one platform for unions.


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