Giving Back

At Bursting Silver, we have a team of people who care about our communities and the impact we are having on the environment.


We are committed to enriching our communities through a combination of our time, effort and investment.

Each staff member has the option to participate in a charitable/community-based cause. Our involvement includes leading fund-raising events, participation in a variety of walks/run/rides, and contributing time and effort to helping the community. Bursting Silver matches contributions made by the staff member to the cause for an amount of up to $750 CAD with each year of their employment.


We are committed to acting and doing business in ways that earn the respect of our clients, staff members, and community. Climate change, carbon footprint management, and clean technology play a critical role in our effort to ensure than our planet remains sustainable and healthy.

  • Pedal Power - Staff members travelling to client sites via bicycle will be reimbursed at double the mileage rate than the standard rate for driving a gas-powered vehicle.
  • Tele-Commuting - To reduce the environmental impact of telecommuting to/from the office, staff members are encouraged to work from a home office whenever possible. Our staff members leverage a wide-variety of communication technologies to ensure that our level of service and productivity is not compromised
  • Printed Materials - All staff members and management make an effort to minimize the amount of paper that we use to perform our work duties. The primary ways that we accomplish this include:

    • Unless absolutely necessary, we refrain from printing documents, emails, training materials, invoices, expense reports, etc.
    • Documents are shared in electronic format via email and shared web-sites.
    • We will respectfully decline requests for printed copies of lengthy documents. As an alternative, we securely provide these documents in an electronic format.
    • In the event that paper is required, we use re-cycled FSC-Certified paper products.