Featured Team Members

Let us introduce you to a few of Bursting Silver's team members.

Meet Ron

Given his extensive experience working for and with regulatory bodies in the past 20 years, Ron is considered our in-house resident when it comes to reg body processes and supporting technologies.  Ron is renowned for starting his days at 4:30am, his Aikido Black Belt, and coaching his son's Club soccer team.

Meet Chad

Chad has been working in a technical capacity with iMIS for the last 7 years.   He has a passion for great design and building beautiful websites.  Some of his finer work can be found at OLTCA and TMA.  While not online, you can find Chad on-stage doing improv most nights of the week...what a fantastic way to develop your creative edge!



Meet Anna

Anna has has been working with iMIS in the association space since the mid-1990's. Since then, life has changed and she's welcomed the addition of two little boys and a Golden Retriever to her family.

Bursting Silver recognizes and respects the need for family and work-life balance - and that is why we have implemented a flex hours schedule for Anna so she can meet the needs of family and her clients.

Meet James

James is one of our most senior and experienced Senior Architects. As you would imagine, James' time and expertise is in great demand. He is the new kind of IT warrior that is able to work from any place at any time to make the best use of his time. He is the one you see cycling to a client site...while on a conference call. He is the one you see coding a new website ...while grooving to the beat of his headphones at Starbucks.

More recently, James spent more than 2 months living in China as a result of a family obligation. Here is the amazing part - with some careful planning, and taking advantage of the technology tools that we have at our disposal, James never missed a beat with any of his client commitments.

Meet Al

Al has 25 years of experience in the areas of business and IT strategy development, systems selection, implementation and business process improvement. Featured in a variety of trade magazines, television programs, newspapers and public-speaking engagements, Al’s success stems from his dynamic leadership style and ability to bring projects in on-time and on-budget.  In his spare time, Al likes to (literally) scale walls and jump over flames by participating in extreme Spartan Races.

Meet Dave

Working in a high-growth, fast-paced company requires skills and attributes that are perfectly suited for today's Gen-Y generation. David fits this mold perfectly. He understands that change, adaptation and flexibility are the norm. He has a passion for technology and understands how it can be used to be more agile and responsive to our customer's needs.  This in turn has allowed him to be involved in a wide range of exciting and different initiatives throughout his career.  David's passion for giving back has also provided him with the opportunity to travel the world to help some of the more impoverished communities.

Meet Tim

Tim has over 25 years of experience in IT strategy, systems selection, systems implementation and project management. Formerly a firm director with Deloitte’s consulting group, and a long-term employee of KPMG, Tim has managed several significant transformation projects and larger system implementations for across a number of clients and industries.  In his spare time, Tim enjoys breaking the odd rib while on his quad - just don't make him laugh because it hurts too much.