iMIS Support

Bursting Silver currently supports dozens of clients with their iMIS systems. The nature of the support typically includes day-to-day usage questions, web site fixes/changes, and requests for new functionality.

Here’s how it works:

  • A Bursting Silver Support Representative is assigned to your account. This team member will be responsible to assess the nature/severity of the support request – and to either resolve it or assign to a specialized team member. All effort is made to ensure that resources within local proximity and/or prior experience with the question are made available.
  • All support requests made to Bursting Silver will be made via submission of a support ticket using our online support tool . This can be done by submitting the ticket on our website or simply sending an email to The ticket is instantly routed and assigned to the most appropriate Bursting Silver resource as defined above. You’ll be able to collaborate with our team and track the resolution progress every step of the way.
  • We have also implemented a logical set of service levels to identify the severity and response times required to resolve a support issue. We can be flexible with the needs of your organization to ensure business continuity.

iMIS Support Services

State-of-the-Art Support Ticketing

Our online support ticketing system ensures that critical issues be immediately routed and escalated to the most appropriate Team member for resolution.

Service Levels

We establish an easy-to-understand set of pre-defined response levels to ensure that system issues are quickly resolved.