iMIS Open Invoice List iPart

One of the most important new features being released in iMIS 20.1.13 and above is the “Open Invoice List” iPart. This iPart allows users to add any open invoice to their cart. Open invoices include orders, event registrations and dues subscriptions created through the back-end iMIS desktop.

The previous version of iMIS did not allow this functionality, so there was no way to tie the back end invoices to allow payments via the website. This functionality will be extremely useful, as it encourages members to use the website to pay for items that were created through a back-end process. This improves efficiency and reduces manual effort for staff, as they no longer need to process credit cards over the phone, or manually process cheque payments.

In the screenshot below you can see that the cart is empty for the current user:

The open invoice list iPart displays all open invoices for the particular user:

The user can drill down into each invoice to view the details of the order/event/subscription:

The user can then add the selected invoices to their cart:

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