PayPal and PayFlow Pro Not-for-Profit pricing
I wanted to share a little more information about the pricing about PayPal / PayFlow Pro.


Typically when working with clients, they have a current credit card processor and they have negotiated a discounted rate for their credit card processing.  One key point many clients aren’t aware of is that there is a non profit rate. They will usually get a better rate if they go through this process but will need to submit some support documents to show that they are a registered non profit.

Anyways here are 2 possible routes I recommend encouraging clients to go if they aren’t using moneris.

  • Option 1
    • Use just payflow pro and paypal as the payment gateway
    • The transaction fee is 1.6 plus 0.30 per transaction
    • You will need to provide proof that they are a registered charity to obtain this rate
  • Option 2
    • Use payflow pro with their existing payment gate. IE Having td, or global payments etc do the credit card processing
    • Will need to contact paypal to ensure that the processor works with payflow pro. Most do but not all.
    • Cost is 0.10 per transaction plus a 25 dollar monthly fee and a one time 99 setup fee

Here is a link for more detailed information.


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