How to Synchronize a DEV Db with a Production Db

  • Delete the iMIS_Test database (close existing connections) and restore from the production backup
  • Run DBRepair and choose "prepare database" option
  • Go to iMIS Desktop and choose File -> System Setup -> Change the system name to "[CLIENT NAME] TEST iMIS" (there's a hidden button you need to click near the bottom right side of the window before you click "edit")
  • Change the WCM website URLs to “test.[CLIENT SITE].org” instead of “www.CLIENT” for French and English (if applicable) websites and republish. (RiSE/Manage Websites)
  • Set the folder on the publishing server to the proper path (iMIS_Test instead of iMIS_Prod) (RiSE/Maintenance, Publishing services) then restart the publishing service.
  • Copy the "image" and "Documents" folders from iMIS\Net to iMIS_Test\Net
  • Change the PayflowPro LIVE URL to "" (iMIS Desktop -> AR/Cash -> Setup Module -> Credit Card Authentication)
  • Re-publish all website content
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